“Living Agelessly for Balance.” “The Nature of Perfect Health.” Theme: Hope in Uncertain Times. An Oprah & Deepak-21 – Day Meditation Challenge: Day-20

Hope: Owning Our Age (Oprah)

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Owning one’s age does in no-way, means to give up on vitality, and the feel-good image you want for yourself.  I believe this.  I believe the wonderful balance is not obsessing about what ways our bodies, face, and hair show signs of aging.  I believe we need to care for our wonderful selves in a way that we honor, protect and nourish the gift we have received in this form, from our Creator, and then work hard at keeping it perfect.  Namaste.

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Conclusion and Centering Thought

Thank you for hanging out with me doing this challenge.  Today is Week-3. Day-6. We drank from the Well of Hope & Well-Being.   So, let’s continue to mediate each evening at 9pm.  Your time zone.  Wherever you are.  15 -20 minutes.  Here is Day 20’s link – “Living Agelessly for Balance.”  Sanskrit: ब्रह्म Brahma.  Mantra: Aham Brahmasmi.  Meaning: This term is used in Hindu and yoga philosophy to describe the unity of the atman (individual self or soul) with Brahman (the Absolute). Centering thought:  “I am ageless and timeless; The core of my being is the ultimate reality.”  Namaste.   #Ageless #Positivity #Calling #Fun #Balanced #Uncertainty #Healthy #Intuition #Vata #Pitta #Kapha #Om #Breathe #Connected #Hope #Family #Creativity #Passion #Optimism #Timeless

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